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For tenants – If you’re looking for apartments / flats, townhouses / clusters or freestanding homes to rent, our team of professionals will make the process of finding, renting and moving into a new home as convenient and comfortable as possible.


For landlords and property investors – Blue Crane’s multi-channel marketing and industry experience ensures that your residential property investments are quickly and effectively leased to the right tenant at a very competitive rental. Blue Crane ensures that all the correct tenant screening and legal processes are followed with signing a new lease, thereby safeguarding and maximising rental income on rental properties. Blue Crane’s Home Letting service consists of the following important components:


Through effective marketing, across a range of advertising channels, to the appropriate audiences, we ensure prompt leasing to well-matched tenants. Potential tenants are offered a wide choice of flats, townhouses and houses to rent, while landlords benefit from high visibility and prompt occupation. Blue Crane makes use of the following printed, outdoor and electronic media:

  • Classifieds
  • Roadside boards
  • Social Media Marketing using Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Junkmail, Gumtree and various property portals


Screening of Tenants
Blue Crane’s experienced property managers ensure that all tenant applicants are rigorously screened with credit and reference checks prior to signing a lease agreement to manage down the risk of default. To promote a positive outcome for all parties, we ensure that people of similar lifestyles are selected to match the existing tenant mix.


Signing a Lease
A legally binding lease agreement is drawn up to protect the landlord and tenant by clearly defining the approach for handling rental payments and collections, rental increases, deposits, maintenance issues and damages claims as noteworthy examples. Experienced property managers ensure that all lease terms and details are well understood and handle the lease signing administration. Careful review and acceptance of rules applicable to Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations is a further very important focus area of the letting process. Copies of the signed lease are issued to the tenant for easy reference.

Deposits are necessary to protect the landlord’s investment and as a security to cover any damages or default during the lease term. Deposits are invested in a savings account and accrue interest for the benefit of the tenant.


Our property managers conduct pre- and post- occupation inspections of rented properties, itemise damages and obtain quotes from our affiliated service providers for the restoration of the property. The final account for restoring the unit to the standard defined by the pre-occupation inspection, allowing for standard wear and tear, is offset against the deposit balance before being refunded.